What We Do

Phoenix Eagle Group is a trading company founded by the Nisser family and based in Antwerp, Belgium. Its excellence is based on many years' experience. It also draws on the region's success as one of the major ports and transhipment points in Europe and the world.

Phoenix Eagle Group's work is divided into two major types of shipments - basic commodities and branded goods.

Commodity Trading

Phoenix Eagle Group daels with the major basic commodities imported into Angola, including yellow corn, white rice, wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil and beans.



We provide the full suite of supply chain management services, following each shipment in detail. We charter vessels, arrange insurance, process documentation, and finalise payment terms with all parties concerned.

Our commodities business is based on a sophisticated follow-up of the major commodities markets accross the globe, ensuring a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Branded Goods Trading

Due to our strategic location, we also focus on developing and promoting international brands in the Angolan market.

We are always keen to discuss any new partnerships. We can provide tailor-made market entry strategies that combine the experience and professionalism of our colleagues in Angola with our team in Belgium.

We also support the development of private label goods, whether for our group brands or third parties, through ensuring product quality, market support or brand design.

Contact Information

Phoenix Eagle Group

Transvaalstraat 43 - 2600 Berchem - Belgium

Tel: +32(0)36584125


Our Success

Our success results in part from our ability to foresee shifting market trends and needs, upon which we tailor our operational strategies so as to always remain one step ahead of the competition. By employing this strategy, we are ensuring our market leadership in the years to come.



Our strength is also derived from our smart sourcing supported by branches and suppliers around the world. Through these we aim to foster closer ties and acquire in-depth knowledge of sourcing markets and products.