Welcome to PEGOur success is our people!

The Phoenician Eagle Group is a company seeking to support long term growth in developing nations, mainly in Africa, by creating and investing in local companies.


We are proud to achieve profitable results while promoting economic and social development. Our group is committed to following the business principles in all countries in which we are present, respecting local legislation and cultural practices.

PEG companies include:

Atlas Group LDA

Distributes FMCG and commodities though it's nationwide network of 38 warehouses.

Induve SA

One of Angola's biggest agro-industry plants, with a focus on milling corn flour and bottling edible oils.

Phoenix Export NV

Trading company located in Antwerp, Belgium.



Phoenotrade Pte Ltd

Trading company located in Singapore prioviding links betweens Asian manufacturers and African consumers.


PEG (UK) Ltd.

Newly incorporated in 2012, it is the newest member of the group acting as a trading company.